About Lighthouse

Welcome to Lighthouse, a Public Benefit Corporation that is empowering communities. Lighthouse is the social network transforming the way participants, volunteers & donors connect with nonprofits, charities & foundations. This is a bold venture, to transform an entire sector; but at Lighthouse we believe that the demands of our environment, communities, and world require that we respond with bold solutions.

Vision Our vision is to create a world where public need and public good* can always find each other at the intersection of opportunity
*Public good: the organizations that uplift opportunity, the volunteers that contribute selflessly, and the donors that continue to fund possibility.
Mission Our mission is simple: To make connecting and collaborating with the Social Sector easy so that we can build stronger communities
Who are we? Co-founders Mackenzie and Schuyler embody the perfect combination of personal experience, skill, and passion needed to transform the social sector. In 2014, Mackenzie was in an accident that left her paralyzed. It was when she needed the social sector most, that she realized how difficult it is to find resources for help. Committed to finding a solution, the idea for Lighthouse was born. With a deep understanding of the humanity in this problem, Mackenzie and Schuyler transitioned Lighthouse from an early idea into an established business venture. The result is a truly transformative social network that is built to solve the pain points of today and prepare organizations for the inevitable demands of tomorrow.